Agri- Stats: Climate Change and Pest Management

At the October 2014 CAPCA Conference, a speaker addressed the predicted impacts of climate change to invasive pest management. She stated that invasive species are expected to move 1.9 kilometers away from the equator or up in altitude. Also, insect life cycles are expected to change from 2 to 5-10 life cycles in a season. We can also expect to see pest infestations become much less predictable as insect movement is erratic and life cycles are disrupted. Additionally, she discussed that climate change is expected to reduce plant nutrition, which, in turn, means that insects will need to feed more in order to sustain life. 

Additional stats: 

  • Pre-1989, California acquired 6 new invasive species per year.
  • Post-1989, California acquires 10 new invasive species per year.
  • Invasive species costs the US about $138 billion per year.
  • Invasive species costs CA > $34 billion per year.

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