Agri-Stats: Demographics

There’s a national shortage of young agricultural professionals, according to a 2014 Report by the STEM Food and Ag Council. The report which calls for industries and universities to work together to address the gap.


  • Twenty-five percent of [agricultural] workers are the age of 55 or older, which means job opportunities will grow through workforce attrition.
  • Analysis projects a 4.9% growth in employment opportunities in the next five years, adding 33,100 new jobs in advanced agriculture fields.

The report, released at the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue, includes a detailed analysis of enrollment and workforce trends in six agriculture fields:

  • Agricultural Business and Management,
  • Agriculture Mechanization and Engineering,
  • Animal Sciences,
  • Plant and Soil Science,
  • Food Science and Technology, and
  • Other life sciences.

The STEM Food & Ag Council report found that career opportunities in the food and agriculture industries for the next generation will be significant

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In 2012,

  • The USDA Reported: 
    • Only 22% of all farmers in the U.S. are “beginning farmers” (farming for < 10 years)
    • Only 6% of farmers are under the age of 35
    • 33% of farmers are 65 or older
  • The U.S. Census of Ag Reported: 
    • The U.S. had 2.1 million farms.
    • < 4.3 % from the 2007 Census.
    • There is an overall downward trend in mid-sized farms, while the smallest and largest-size farms held steady.
    • Between 2007 and 2012, the amount of land in U.S. farms declined from 922 million acres to 915 million. (<1%).