It was an “I-am-so-lucky” kinda day

I helped a grower with RWQCB mandated photodocumentation of the Salinas River, which was a worhtless exercise – but, I don’t want to discuss that.

Rather, I want to talk about the romance of farming. The mica in the soil that causes sandy soil to sparkle. Or what it is like to get reacquainted with sclerotinia lettuce drop and cabbage maggot and those pesky little weeds: Lambsquarters, Russian thistle, Shepherd’s purse, Fiddle neck, Kochia, and Pigweed.

I saw the “Eliminator” which is a piece of equipment that strings together different tillage implements to reduce the number of passes over a field. These eliminators are Gi-normous and take a lot of fuel: 18 gallons per acre to run (Total fuel consumption per year, to produce a cool season vegetable? About 52gl/acre).

And today, the light on the Santa Lucias stretched them out against the sky! They TOWERED today and I felt minuscule standing in the field with my measly, little, inadequate GPS camera.

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