Have we reached ‘peak food’?

This was a thought provoking  article. (I started to say food for thought).

Supposedly, such staples as wheat chicken, and rice are slowing in production growth. Is the alarmist propaganda or are these trends real? I don’t know. 

However, we, in the U.S., need to appreciate our food abundance and not take it for granted. And we need to constantly be seeking innovations extend that abundance to others. 

Bawden, Tom. Have We Reached “Peak Food”? Shortages Loom as Global Production Rates Slow. Independent, January 28, 2015. https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/have-we-reached-peak-food-shortages-loom-as-global-production-rates-slow-10009185.html

Reposted from February 1, 2015, FaceBook Post

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