Factoids: Blueberries

Elizabeth White, pioneer of the modern, cultivated blueberry! She selected wild blueberries for flavor, texture, size, resistance to disease and cold, and how quickly each variety ripened. Then, she propagated and cross fertilized various specimens to develop the optimal highbush blueberry and released their first harvest in 1916. http://www.hiddennj.com/2013/02/elizabeth-white-berry-good-for-pinelands.html
Today, blueberries are bred in a similar manner. I talked with a blueberry plant breed for Driscoll’s this week. She was headed to the San Joaquin Valley to do blueberry breeding trial selections for some 10,000 plants. Each plant will be  judged by the same criteria that was used in the early 1900s, as well as plant morphology.
And this is how great food is developed for you!

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