Agri-Stats: Lemons


  • Are of mysterious origins, maybe from Southern India, northern Burma, or China?
  • Are genetically considered to be a hybrid between sour orange and citron.
  • 100 A.D. Entered Europe near southern Italy, during the  Roman empire.
  • 700 A.D. Were later introduced to MIddle East.
  • 10th century A.D. Were first mentioned in an Arabic treatise on farming.
  • 1000 and 1150 A.D. Became widely distributed throughout the  Mediterranean region.
  • 1420–1421 A.D. The first use of the English word “lemon” was in a Middle English customs document and may be Middle Eastern in origin.
  • The word “lemon” draws from the Old French “limon”, from the Italian “limone”, from the Arabic “laymūn or līmūn”, and from the Persian “līmūn”. a generic term for the fruit of this kind.