Kay Mercer is President of KMI, an agricultural water consulting firm. KMI is committed to preserving agricultural viability, improving food systems, and promoting environmental stewardship.

Kay has 23 years experience working in agricultural production with major emphasis on water quality and pest management. She has expertise with sales, marketing and product development throughout California and the Texas/Oklahoma area. She has worked on water regulatory and compliance issues for over 16 years. This included  RCRA cleanups for an environmental analytical laboratory and a groundwater consulting firm in the Houston area. 

For the past 13 years, KMI has been involved with implementation of the Central Coast Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program (ILRP). Also, she has worked with ranchers on water quality grazing practices on Central Coast.

Today, Kay assists clients with regulatory compliance and participates in development of statewide policy and Central Coast ILRP regulations and collaborates with diverse team members on management practices to reduce agriculture impacts to the environment. 

Additionally, Kay has long had an interest in how ethnic groups contributed to the agriculture and community development on the Central Coast. This is discussed in  “Traces of the Past”. These pages:

  • Honor the Ethnic Roots, 
  • Explore Ag Innovations,
  • Celebrate Agricultural Abundance, and
  • Trace how our Communities co-evolved 

Water Quality policy- and rule-making do not exist in a vacuum. Today, there are concerns about how regulation of the Central Coast agriculture will impact associated communities. This is overlaid with national concerns about the future of rural communities. 

Finally, we take a look at Rural Prosperity: What is it? What are its challenges? And what obstacles and what solutions are being implemented across the nation? The overarching question is how do we preserve our rural communities so they are viable, resilience and sustainable?