Mission de Maria Santisima, Nuestra Señora de la Soledad


1791: Mission of our Lady of Solitude was founded by Father Fermen Lauren.


The site selected had borne the name Soledad (solitude) ever since the first exploration of the country. The lcoation was 30 miles northeast of San Carlos de Monterey. La Soledad, by which name it was generally known, was unfortunate in its early missionaries. One of them Padre Gracia, was suppposed to be insane and the other, Padre Rubi, was very immoral. Rubi was later expelled fro his college for licentiousness. At the close of the centruy the mission had become fairly prosperous, but in 1802 and epidemic broke out and five or six deaths occurred daily. The Indians in alarm fled the mission. Thelargest populatio of the mission was 725 in 1805; At the time of secularizastyio, its populatio had decreased to 300. The total number of baptisms during it existence was 2,222; number of deaths 1,803.” 


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