1860sChualar was founded about nine miles south of Salinas on the ranch of David Jacks, a controversial figure who was heavily involved in the transfer of rancho holdings to Americans… and who was certainly the wealthiest individual in the county by 1880 through his shrewd and exploitive real estate ventures.”

In 1875, it was noted that Chualar City boasted 51 persons and possessed a hotel, stores, restaurants, a shoe shop, a blacksmith shop, and a freight depot, all of which had been nonexistent a year before.

The 1878 directory noted substantially increased growth in the rural areas. Merchants and businesses in the town of Chualar were operated predominately by Danes, and the town boasted three hotels. In addition to the thirteen in-town businesses, 36 farms operated by individuals, families, and partnerships were listed for the Chualar post office.

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