• The region surrounding Lockwood was occupied continuously by the Salinan people, who’s culture was disrupted when the San Antonio Mission was established in 1771
  • Many of the Salinan and Spanish people who occupied the Mission stayed in the area. 
  • After the Missions were secularized in 1835 and the Ranchos began to be sold and sub-divided in the 1850s, the land around the Mission San Antonio and the public domain that surrounded those lands were settled quickly in the 1860s and 1870s and the town of Lockwood became a south Monterey County center for commerce and social activities. 
  • Some of the early pioneers arrived from Island Fohr  in Germany’s North Frisian Islands. Some were from Basque country. And some traveled overland from the Eastern US. Some of the homes are still occupied by the original families of these early pioneers.
  • Some settlers were a little more local and came from the Milipitas Rancho, further up the San Antonio River.
  • Others had been were settlers from Jolon who had improved lands and were awaiting land pre-emption; but were evicted in 1877 by Faxon. D. Atherton. Efforts at appeal failed. 
  • The first post office opened in 1888 in the home of Lair Patterson.
  • During its peak, the town had six buildings, including, a livery stable, a general store, a saloon, a hotel, a community hall, and athe Pleasant View School. 
  • Lockwood is named after Belva Lockwood, the first female candidate for President of the United State in 1884 and1888 on the Equal Rights Party ticket.
  • The town is located in a cattle ranching and farming area that goes back for generations. Some of homestead farms and ranches are still operated 160 years later. 

Things to do:

  • Nacitone Regional Interpretive Center
    • The mission is to preserve and display the history of the area from the time of the Salinan inhabitants through the Spanish and pioneer era and to teach future generations about their pioneer heritage.
    • Exhibits include:
      • Salinan Exhibit
      • Collectibles
      • Local Genealogy
      • Information about local Schools
      • A Tribute to King City Saddle maker R.M. Hall
      • Handmade farm equipment models created by Calvern Sayler
    • The next major exhibit will be to recreate the town of Lockwood as it was in the late 1800s.

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