Windshield Views (5/14/13)

The Central Coast crops look great!
The first lettuce crop has been picked. However, because of heavy December storms, planting was all done at once so that early planting time was compressed.  A lot of produce was cut at the same time and the prices are horrible.
As we slide into the peak of the vegetable season after the “Turn”, the second plantings are starting to show in the fields. With each day and week of the crop year, a few more plantings are added until we reach the peak week in late July/Early August. This is when growers are going the veggie boogie. It is not when you launch a project or plan a meeting. Growers are busy farming
This is a “buggy year” in vegetables with Corn ear worm, Aphids, and Army worm. The broccoli/cauliflower growers are struggling with Cabbage maggot, which is an interesting insect. It is attracted to sulfur compounds in the Cole crops. The adult lays its eggs at the soil surface and the hatching maggot feeds upon the young, tender roots of transplants. You can see how the certain flights hit certain plantings. Grapes are in bloom. It is not 100%, yet. Hot spots of bugs, such as Orange tortrix, have occurred in the wine grapes, too. So far, Powdery mildew pressure is light.
And we are seeing early Stone fruit: the vibrant colors and scents of Cherries, Apricots, Peaches, and Nectarines at the Farmer’s Markets. Cobblers, crisps and pies! Yum-ola!