Agri-Musings: What about our rural communities?

Painful adjustments will be made by agriculture over the next few years. That much is clear. 

“Richard Walker, a geography professor at the University of California, Berkeley, says that regardless of who is winning politically ‘there’s really no more water to be squeezed out of the system.” Given water storage limitations, he says the only solution is to conserve more land. “Two million acres out of 11 [million acres] have already ceased irrigating over the last 30 years and there’s no reason we can’t let another 1-2 [million acres] go,” he says. “California agriculture overall will still be enormous.” (Jopson)

Ok. Then. What is not clear is what California plans to do with the small rural communities who are economically dependent on Ag in these fallowed areas? Where are the plans to sustain these communities or help them transition? 

Jopson, Barney. Battle Lines in California’s Water Wars Are Redrawn in Trump Era. Financial Times. December 9, 2016 (The article is not available online without subscription)