Agri-Stats: Commodities Feed Us

“Vegetables have the shortest distance between the consumer and the farm. They are a tangible, edible link between us and the people we think of when we think ‘farmer.‘”

Commodity crops aren’t represented by “the farmer most of us meet at the farmers market, the one running the farm of our imagination.” But, commodity crops are what feed us. According to the FAO, about 60% of the world’s calories come from just 3 crops: corn, wheat, and rice. Other commodities such as sorghum, soybeans, and millet are important, too.

‘If we are going to feed [the billions of people on the earth in 2050], and us, responsibly and healthfully, vegetables are not the answer. 

Haspel, Tamar. We Need to Feed A Growing Plante. Vegetables Aren’t the Answer. The Washington Post. December 15, 2016.