Food History: The Many Uses of Lettuce

Love potion? The Greeks thought that lettuce was an anaphrodisiac, (i.e. it suppressed the sex drive), while the Romans thought lettuce was an aphrodisiac (i.e. – well, never mind, we all know what aphrodisiac means!) Hmmm… 

Digestif or Appetite Suppresant?  For centuries, lettuce was eaten at the end of the meal and was seen as a “refreshing” food. Sort of a digestif. Then, someone decided that it should be eaten at the beginning of a meal because it stimulates the appetite (keep that in mind when as you try to lose weight). This debate rages on. The French still insist on refreshment, while the rest of the world focuses on gluttony.

Relaxant or stimulant? Through the centuries, there have been recommendations to eat a small bowl of lettuce prior to sleep and there have been recommendations to eat it when you want energy.

Confused? The best reason to eat lettuce is because, on some days, nothing tastes as good as a well made salad!