Windshield Views (7/8/14)

Veraison, Cut-Out, and Other Signs of Another Crop Season ending

Early July is not usually the pivot point in the California growing season. July 25 generally is the magic date. But, alas, all crops are a little off this year:

  • Wine grape veraison is official! The grapes are turning color, the sugars are rising and wine is being made!
  • We are in-between the 2.3 vegetables crops per year. In local vernacular, we are in the “turn” which is the time of land preparation and planting between the first and second cool season veggie crop.
  • I saw the first field of onions drying down in the King City area They are definitely two weeks early. (Note: they turn off the water, let the onions dry. Then, the laborious process of preparing them for harvest begins).
  • Green tomato trucks are stuck in the slow lane and headed to the processing facility in King City.

And Another season passes.

And we all hope for rain so there will be the next season!