Windshield Views (2/10/13)

Ah! Late winter on the Central Coast resembles a photographic negative. There has been enough rain that the hills are Irish green, yet the trees remain leafless, while the tree bark has a shiny, bleached appearance. Dramatic and grey, scudding clouds create puddles of contrast between brilliant green grass and platinum trees trunks and shadows.

If you are paying attention, you notice when the trees shift from winter to spring. By the river, there is a chartreuse aura around each group of alders and cottonwoods. This signals bud break! The willows are already blooming and leafing and far ahead of the race to spring.  

Most exciting, three blossoms on my old bellwether almond tree are beacons of season-change, as they gleamed through this morning’s dense fog. 

Spring is imminent!!