Agri-Musings: Irrigators Are Artists!

Irrigators are true artists. Their tools are a shovel, water-proof boots, and the patience to repeatedly apply small tweaks to large irrigation systems, every single day. 
For example, consider sprinkler irrigation. Precise pipe placement is critical in order to achieve irrigation uniformity. The pipe must be set in such a way that it doesn’t leave dry/wet patterns in the field. The pipe may be set in a square grid or in an offset diamond pattern to accommodate the wind, weather, and soil conditions. Dry/wet patterns will be constantly tweaked to keep the field uniformly moist.
The irrigators trudge across the beds when it is blazing hot; slog through mud on shivery foggy mornings; and lean into gusts when the wind is blowing a gale.
We should honor the lowly irrigator! Without him, and his knowledge, it would be impossible to produce the miraculously uniform, spectacular produce that we, so often, take for granted.
Reposted from Facebook, Oct 26, 2016