Water-Musings: Learning about SGMA (11/22/16)

Democracy in action: the community turned out to learn about and comment on representation on the newly forming Sustainable Groundwater Agency (SGMA).

There is no doubt that SGMA will be a game changer. It is known that new fees will be assessed. However, the Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) has yet to be written and no one knows where the pressure points will be. For example, how much “environmental water flows” will be required to support Steelhead habitat? When will environmental flows be required? How much groundwater extraction curtailment will occur, if any? What actions will be recommended in order to eliminate further groundwater pumping overdraft in the lower part of the Salinas Valley? These issues, plus some that are still in the courts, remain to be resolved. 

Reposted from Facebook, November 22, 2016