Herbicide Resistance Is Real

“Dramatic growth in the number of herbicide-resistant (HR) weeds, increasing concerns about the evolution of weeds resistant to multiple herbicide mechanisms of action (MOAs), and the current public discourse regarding resistance to the herbicide glyphosate, have brought the issue of herbicide resistance to a level of attention never before seen within either the agricultural or public sectors.”

Consequently, the Weed Science Society of America hosted seven Listening Sessions about herbicide resistance throughout the US. On February 15, 2017, I attended the listening session that brought together weed scientists from the Southwest United States.

Weed Scientists hard at work sharing thoughs and ideas about the causes and how to manage herbicide resistance in the SouthWest United States.

Two articles specifically summarize the herbicide resistance listening sessions: Managing Wicked Herbicide-Resistance: Lessons from the Field and Managing Herbicide Resistance: Listening to the Perspectives of Practitioners. Procedures for Conducting Listening Sessions and an Evaluation of the Process. Both articles are open access articles and may be found in Weed Technology.