Interconnections Across Time, People, and Landscapes

A Trace Is:

  • A sign, mark, or line left by something that has passed.
  • A minute and often barely detectable amount or an indicator.
  • A path, trail, or road made by the passage of animals, people, or vehicles

We ARE the Traces of the Past.

We are the bold manifestation and amalgamation of our ancestors’ genes and will; while, at the same time, we are delicately and indelibly stamped by their long-forgotten deeds and misdeeds. 

We mark our passage along paths carved by repetitive pounding of ancient feet. Quite literally, our ancestors’ grooves in soil and stone have become our superhighways.

We imbue the earth with our essence, until…

“The spirits of place are the echoes of people, of events, of ideas which have become imprinted upon a location, for better or for worse.”

Warren Ellis

We are the bountiful offspring, the traumatic mutation, and the resilient hope.

Our stories and migrations, our food and agriculture, our art and culture, and our general interests make us who we are; and through that process, we leave an imprint for future generations to discover.