Agri-Stats: Big Data

The times? They are a-changing!

And the changes are exciting. But, they are very scary, too, as growers envision how Big Data provided to private vendors could potentially modify their lives into some creepy version of Orwell’s, 1984.

“Agricultural technology providers turn farmer’s data into a service or a product that will help a farmer make different decisions. But some [growers] are asking if all that farm-level data, when aggregated, will create a competitive advantage in commodity markets or lead to a potential moral hazard. That concern is real in the countryside.”

Statistics from the article:

  • Greater than 75% of farmers responding to an American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) survey on Big Data expressed concern that their farm data could be used by a company or third party for market-sensitive commercial activities.
  • “A company having access to vast amounts of real-time data could develop near instant commodity reports, [to] tilt… the playing field between large and small companies.
  • Greater than 77 % of farmers were concerned that their data could … be used for regulatory purposes.
  • Greater than 82 % of farmers were unsure [what] agriculture technology providers intended to go with their farm data.

Source:  Note: Article no longer available on the internet.

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