Windshield Views (8/8/12)

Central Coast Crop Report:

  • Wine grapes received their last powdery mildew spray and grape growers are now preparing for harvest.
  • Celery harvest is in full swing!
  • This is the best Avocado fruit load in years! Get ready for some great California avocados in a supermarket near you!
  • Peak vegetable planting was the last week in July. Over 10% of the crop acres were planted in just a few days. This is the last crop of the year.
  • Strawberry harvest continues. In marginally producing fields, growers have begun to pull up their irrigation drip tape up in preparation for the next crop.
  • Red bell peppers plants are polka-dotted with tiny white flowers in their deep green foliage. Summer heat should create a great crop in a few weeks.

San Joaquin Valley Crop Report:

  • The California table grape harvest continued with the Flame Seedless and Summer Royal varieties harvested in the San Joaquin Valley (SJV). The Thompson grape harvest began.
  • Wine grapes colored and sugared as the SJV harvest was expected to start in several weeks. Harvest started in a few early champagne grape vineyards. (Note: Champagne grapes are harvested when they have very low sugar. Other varieties will be harvested when they have very high sugars. The higher the sugar, the higher the alcohol content.)
  • Almond hull split continued while harvest started in some Nonpareils.
  • Walnuts are harvested by shaking the nuts off of the trees and then using big machines to pick them up off of the orchard floor. The nuts are sent to almond hullers to remove the soft green outer covering.
  • Pistachio nut fill continued as growers saw some nut splitting.