Windshield Views: (3/18/14)

Today was THE DAY!

There was a major sign that spring has arrived. No, it was not the day I saw the first robin, or the first daffodil, or the last snowflake!

It WAS the first day that I saw the semi’s loaded with vegetable harvest equipment headed home to Salinas from the desert! There were convoys headed up Highway 101! The Salinas fields are ready to be cut with their first shamrock-green heads of iceberg lettuce and romaine sizing up nicely.

You will never know the difference, but very soon, your lettuce will be originating from a very different part of the world. Instead of the desert, it will be coming from The Salad Bowl of the World, The Salinas Valley. 

Windshield View (5/10/12)

It is a most beautiful time of the year in the Salinas Valley.

Ah! There are those countless shades of green: the fresh lime green of new growth, the muted greens of drying rangeland, and the midnight murk of live oaks silhouetted against the hills.
Also, while very little dry land farming exists here because of erratic rainfall, every year, a few intrepid souls manage to eek out a hay crop in valley nooks. Now, it is time to cut and bale the straw. The hay harvest curls and swirls with the contours of the hills. Precise placement of freshly pressed golden cubes along these russet and green rows is geometry in motion. 

Windshield View (4/13/12)

Nature was on stunning display today in the Salinas Valley today.

Imagine sitting in a bowl. On one side are velveteen, green, upland pastures and the other side are broody, violet shadows of high mountain forests.  Rain clouds are rising columns that support a dome of light and dark shadows overhead!

Within the bowl, new life pulsates. Tiny cupped cotyledons and unfurling grape leaves become glowing, chartreuse dots under a murky, stormy sky.

All is drama and contrast.