Windshield Views (7/18/13)

The crucible of change isn’t always easy to witness.

My trip through the Tulare Lake bottoms revealed shuttered dairies and a desolate landscape. 

Westside crops were obviously suffering from drought-deficit-irrigation. Proud corn that should have been broad-leafed, glossy-green, and 12-foot tall, was spindly and dull. Cotton that should have been straining to the sky and as high as my shoulder was shorter than my waist and going into “Cut-out,” which is when environmental conditions tell the cotton plant to produce its last boll. The last creamy flowers were beacons through the uppermost leaves.

We need our policymakers to resolve the water supply crisis. But, I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. A few years ago, I was told that California Central Planners wanted to eliminate a certain percentage of growers in order to have water to support urban growth projections. I didn’t believe that statement then. However, as I drive the fringes, in the areas not commonly seen, I see where the dismantling of Ag has begun. I believe it now.