Agri-Musings: I AM smarter today…

I AM smarter than yesterday.

I learned about a cool project in Canada that installed traditional groundwater remediation “barrier” and in-situ biological treatments between an agricultural field and a municipal drinking water well to reduce nitrate levels to below drinking water nitrate standards.

And I learned that one of the biggest obstacles to recycling water is establishing whether someone else has a water right claim to the water. That is an issue I would never have considered.

I heard about a great water recharge project that had everything going for it: funding, water availability, willing partners, ability to meet California Environmental Quality Act requirements, etc. and it still was not enough to make the groundwater basin sustainable. So, what if everything we are able to do is not enough? What if there are just too many people and too many expectations and demands for water so that there is constant overdraft. What then?

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